Cytobank provides a variety of services and training to assist you throughout your experiment workflow. Let us help you discover significant relationships in your data and reduce the time to results.

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Training - Onsite or Web-based

Basic Training - Topics can include:

  • Annotation strategies including plate annotation
  • Compensation and data scaling
  • Gating strategies
  • Basics of SPADE, viSNE, CITRUS
  • Sunburst
  • Data management - upload/download/sharing/labeling/file naming
  • Structuring controlled sharing and collaboration
  • Figure generation and export
  • Statistics export

Advanced Training - Topics can include:

  • Best practices for data annotation for Cytobank analysis
  • Templating and setting up analysis pipelines in Cytobank
  • Advanced SPADE, viSNE, and CITRUS workflows
  • Education on the process of single-cell cytometry data analysis for statisticians/informaticians
  • Use of, and implementation of external algorithms
  • Post-Cytobank analysis scripts (statistics using R, etc)
  • Cytobank administrator tool training
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