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Analyze multiparameter cytometry data.

Cytometers are able to analyze more than 30 parameters per cell, and millions of cells per sample. Cytobank is built from the ground up on the concept of single-cell analysis, with all data visualizations connected to the individual cell events. This enables unparalleled communication between clinical researchers, scientists, and informaticians that takes full advantage of what cytometry has to offer.

Visualize findings and produce high-­impact graphics.

Visually represent gating hierarchies and statistical data. Dynamically zoom to reveal relationships between nested data.
Dose Response
Dose response analysis on data acquired with a single-cell level of resolution can provide important insights into the behavior of specific cell subtypes that cannot be gleaned from bulk population studies. Dose response is a premium functionality offered on Premium and Pro versions of Cytobank.
Heat Maps
Visualize the big-picture view of your flow cytometry experiment to observe how all samples are behaving under different conditions, while at the same time accessing the linked underlying single-cell details.
A powerful analysis tool that clusters phenotypically similar cells in a simple-to-interpret hierarchical tree for intuitive analysis and presentation of high-dimensional data sets.
A data visualization tool that creates a two-dimensional view of high-parameter biological information, making it easy for scientists to not only visually identify interesting and rare biological subsets, but also to gate single-cell events across different samples.
Dot and Histogram Overlays
Overlay single-cell data to compare trends over time, differences among patients, population hierarchy relationships, and many other experiment dimensions.
Automatically subset single cell data and identify predictive biomarkers with statistical power among groups of samples. This cutting-edge tool can accelerate scientific discovery in basic and clinical research.

Archive data for ready access and compliance.

Uploading your data to Cytobank, whether for storage, analysis, or sharing, is a great way to create a reliable backup of your results. In addition to preserving your flow cytometry experiments, our servers allow you to back up and associate related data, including protocols, presentations, microscopy images, and any other file types with one of your flow or mass cytometry experiments.

Collaborate with colleagues across disciplines and geographies.

Stay on the cutting edge of the collaborative era, where teams converge from around the globe to delve deeper into the analysis of large and complex data sets.

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The Cytobank platform is available in two different versions to fit your needs.

Premium Cytobank

This version of Cytobank is open to any registrant around the world. Contains all functionality Cytobank has to offer. Good for single researchers or small groups without the needs for performance, security, administration, and custom integration offered by Enterprise Cytobank.

Enterprise Cytobank

Includes all Premium functionality but with dedicated cloud hosting and larger compute caps around functionality such as viSNE and the API. Best for core facilities, universities, large research groups, and clinical research organizations. Ideal for pharma/biotech, service, and core facilities. See if your organization already has Enterprise Cytobank.

Features Premium
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Web access and storage
Gating and figure creation
Upload attachments (protocols, etc.)
Experiment sharing
Export statistics
Enhanced sharing (project)
Data analysis
FCS file validation
Secure HTTPS
Mass cytometry data sets, demos, and tutorials
Cutting­-edge analytical tools such as SPADE and CITRUS
The latest visualization tools such as Sunburst and viSNE
Plate­-based annotations and dose­-response analysis
Basic support
Priority support
Administrator dashboard (access control and access monitoring)
Beta feature access (administrator)
Dedicated computing resources
Customizable for enterprise integration

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Scientific Services
Work with our single-cell analysis experts to streamline workflows and learn the latest techniques.
Cytobank contains multiple layers of security to protect data from security threats and to meet the regulatory requirements of our customers.
The Cytobank team has been listening to customer voices and working diligently to bring you the analysis solutions you want. Learn more about our latest releases and customer-driven solutions.