Cytobank Inc. works with its partners to provide integrated analysis solutions around reagent products and applications (e.g., Fluidigm Cytobank for Fluidigm). Also, we build educational and scientific resources for our partners’ customers on the Cytobank platform (e.g., BD FACSelect for BD Biosciences). More information about our current partners is provided below. Contact us to explore partnership opportunities.

Current Partners

Fluidigm manufactures and globally distributes novel bioanalytical solutions for use in biomarker discovery, biological research, and potential future use in clinical applications. The patented multiparameter technology comprises a high-throughput mass cytometer for quantitative individual cell analysis, CyTOF, and a suite of MAXPAR reagents, which include stable-isotope-tagged antibodies. The CyTOF–MAXPAR system overcomes the limitations of conventional flow cytometry, simplifies sample preparation, and can simultaneously identify up to 100 biomarkers with high resolution and wide dynamic range. CyTOF systems are installed in leading laboratories across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia. Fluidigm has an R&D and instrument manufacturing facility in Markham, Canada, a reagent kit manufacturing facility in Sunnyvale, California, and global headquarters in South San Francisco, California.