Move rapidly from data to insight. Cytobank is a cloud-based platform that accelerates research productivity
by enabling you to analyze and visualize multiple single-cell data sets simultaneously.

The Cytobank platform

  • Work anywhere, on any web-based device
  • Quickly communicate and present findings
  • Securely connect and collaborate with colleagues across disciplines and geographies
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  • Get better results, faster without adding headcount
  • Leverage the expertise of our experienced scientists for setup, analysis, imaging or your entire pipeline
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Cytobank turns high-­dimensional mass and flow cytometry data into high-impact knowledge. Delve deeper with the advanced visualization tools that are integrated into the Cytobank platform.
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Take full advantage of multiparameter data.

  • Expand the breadth and depth of your analysis
  • Access powerful analysis and visualization tools
  • Decrease analysis times by working with data and algorithms all in one place
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Enable your research with powerful data archiving.

  • Focus on analysis, not data management
  • Automatically collect relevant data and findings
  • Precisely recall and replicate experiments
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Make our team an extension of your team.

  • Get started quickly with tutorials, articles, and videos
  • Share information, insights, and case studies
  • Collaborate with a Cytobank informatics expert to streamline workflow
  • Maximize research productivity with Cytobank services and training
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Premium versions of Cytobank—with advanced tools and functionality—are available to registered users.

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